Easy Singing Warmup

Lisa Witt  /  UPDATED Mar 11, 2022

Everybody has 7 minutes

Even you! And that’s all this will take.

But why warm up? I’m so glad you asked!

If you plan on using your voice, it is a good idea to start your day with a warmup. Your voice uses muscles (your vocal cords), and just like every other muscle in your body, they work better when they’re warmed up!

You’ll be able sing easier, with a bigger range, and you’ll avoid strain and injury. And even better…

Waming up your voice is way easier than warming up any of your other muscles! You can do it in just 7 minutes. Let’s go!

Exercise 1 – The Bubble

This is Lisa’s favorite exercise and it’s not hard to see why. In fact the hardest part about The Bubble is trying not to laugh!

You’ll be “blowing bubbles” with your lips, but what you’ll really be doing is finding the perfect balance of breath and muscle.

Check out the lesson on the right for more info on The Bubble (and why it’s amazing).

Get started with The Bubble!

Exercise 2 – The Straw

This works best if you have a singing straw (or any metal straw really). But if you don’t, don’t worry!

You can do this without any extra equipment.

Simply puff up your cheeks and blow air out through your mouth. You can hold your hand in front of your mouth to make sure it’s working.

If you feel air on your palm, then you’re doing it!

You’ll have to work pretty hard for this one, but that’s the point. With your puffy cheeks (or your straw), sing up and down a five-note scale for this part of your warmup.

Exercise 3 – The Letter ‘N’

A quick change for this next exercise.

By singing the letter ‘N’ we’ll be singing through our nose instead of our mouth. Touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth and follow along with the scale in the video.

This scale is a little different from ones we’ve used up until now. But it’s a fantastic way to expand your range and work on your pitch.

Again, remember to sing up AND down the scale.

Ok, on to the last exercise in our warmup routine.

Exercise 5 – The Letter ‘V’

Final exercise! Similar to the last one but this time we’ll be singing the letter ‘V’.

Your top teeth should touch and stay on your bottom lip to make that ‘VVV’ sound. And we’ll be using a double arpeggio pattern.

Now, this one might tickle!

If you find it’s too ticklish for you, you can substitute the ‘VVV’ sound for a ‘ZZZ’. Whatever feels better for you and allows you to complete the exercise.

So you’re warmed up. Now what?

This easy singing warmup should only take 7 minutes. You can follow along with the video or do it alone. We recommend starting each day with this warmup and noticing the difference.

Even your speaking voice will improve.

But you might be thinking…

Now I’m all warmed up, what should I do?”

Let’s sing a song! Here are two song tutorials that you can dive into right away. Happy singing!