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The Worst Singers (and why they are amazing!)
Let’s unpack why some singers have a reputation for being a “bad singer” and why they have still made such a HUGE impact with their careers… as singers!! This video is going to ENCOURAGE you to redefine “good” when it comes to singing, and encourage YOU to uncover the incredible traits that make your voice […]

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Am I Too Old to Sing
You can learn to sing at any age. You can learn how to strengthen your voice, and sing with more clarity. Your voice is a muscle – and like ANY muscle, the more you use them the stronger they become. It’s the brutally honest (but accurate theory): USE IT OR LOSE IT! Thankfully the “fix” […]

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How To Sing High Notes – 5 Tips
High notes can be pretty scary to sing. But once you discover how to sing high notes with balance, freedom, and strength… the experience is absolutely exhilarating! In this video, you will learn 5 super effective tips to help you hit higher notes more easily. You will learn strength-building exercises, how to approach the note […]

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The Most Musical Time of the Year
There’s no doubt about it – the holiday season is a very musical… maybe even THE MOST musical time of the year. So we have made a video filled with tips on how you can use this holiday season to commit to improving your singing. There’s no better time than now – and there so […]

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Top 10 Vocal Performances of 2021
The 10 best live vocal performances of 2021! It’s no easy task picking the best live performances – but we did our best and this video shows what we feel came out above all the rest in 2021. Let us know if you think we missed anything in the comments below – we’d love to […]

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Holiday Warm-Up
Here’s a super-fast, fun, and silly way to keep your voice strong and your holiday spirit soaring! This video uses Nat King Coal’s version of Deck The Halls to run through a variety of different vocal exercises in one quick routine. ____________________________ Learn to sing with Singeo: ____________________________

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