How to be an INCREDIBLE vocalist

Lisa Witt  /  Oct 7, 2022

There are lots of good singers in the world. But what makes a vocalist INCREDIBLE?

I’m back in the reacting chair to listen to Chester Bennington’s rendition of “Rolling In The Deep,” by Adele. I’ll break down what makes this performance so… extraordinary.

Together, we’ll be paying close attention to articulations, nuances, and dynamics– And I’ll teach you the most important tips and tricks to successfully capture this dramatic and powerful track with your voice.

Take your singing to the next level.

Knowing how to play with vocal tension and emotions can drastically improve your singing. It’s so important that we have a whole level of the Singeo Method dedicated to teaching you to stylize your voice.

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That means in just a few clicks, you can learn to…

  • Use vibrato, falsetto and vocal fry to take your singing to the next level
  • Belt and reach higher notes powerfully and without strain
  • Sound better instantly by learning to use vowels and consonants to your advantage
  • Confidently control your voice

It’s all here for your right now.

And if you ever need help finding the sound and style you want, I can also personally help you. As a Singeo member, you can get feedback from me and our roster of coaches whenever you need it.

So you’ll have all the support you need to find your style and improve your singing.