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Get the singing voice you’ve always wanted.

Improve your vocal range, strength, and control with step-by-step lessons and unlimited personal support.

Improve Your Voice

Helpful Vocal Coaches

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Trusted by 78,229 active students.

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Vocal Lessons
Step-by-step video lessons on every topic.

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Artist Courses
Courses and live events with drumming heroes.

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1000+ Songs
Sing your favorite from every style & era.

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24/7 Support
A global community of students & teachers.

  • “You’re going to learn how your voice works, how to strengthen it – and to sing with confidence.”

    Cody McManus

    Cody McManus, Music Producer

  • “Singeo really works. The skills are attainable, easy to learn, and lots of fun.”

    Sylvia Cantu

    Sylvia Cantu, Singeo Student from USA

  • “I took traditional singing lessons in the past and didn’t have nearly this much fun.”

    Amber Kissler

    Amber Kissler, Singeo Student from USA

Learning to sing made easy with personal coaching.

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If you’ve tried online singing lessons, you know the struggle: spending months, even years, going around in circles – never actually singing like you’ve wished.

With videos alone, you’re all alone.

And that’s why Singeo doubles down on the personal touch – with direct and unlimited access to vocal coaches to give you personal feedback, tailored for your voice.

You’ll get the convenience of step-by-step video lessons, warmups, artist courses, and song tools so you can improve your vocals anywhere, anytime. PLUS you’ll also enjoy personalized video reviews, live Q&A sessions, community recitals, and technique-boosting bootcamps.

If you’ve dreamed of hitting higher notes, finding the perfect pitch, and delivering confident performances – we’d love to help. Click any of the big buttons to try Singeo risk-free and start your journey to becoming the singer you’ve always wanted to be.

Your singing goals start here.

An organized curriculum to help you understand your voice, how it functions, how to strengthen it, and sing with confidence.


10-Level Curriculum
Turn your desire to sing into passionate practice with useful lessons and exercises.


Practical Assignments
You'll always have on-screen assignments and practice tools to guide you along the way.


Warm-Up Routines
Access our quick warm-up routines to fit any schedule, ranging from 5 to 20 minutes.


World-Class Teachers
Gain insights from vocal coaches, Grammy-Award winners, and chart-topping performers.


Downloadable Videos
Stream your lessons OR download your videos so you can practice anywhere, anytime.


Personalized Support
Get weekly live streams, student lesson plans, and access to a global singing community.


Your voice. Your vocal coaches.

Shape your voice with exclusive artist courses + live events with special guests.

Express your voice

  • Sheléa

    Find Your
    True Voice


  • Chris Johnson

    The Power
    of Movement

    Chris Johnson

  • Tony Lindsay

    With Soul

    Tony Lindsay

  • Cate Canning

    Define Your

    Cate Canning

  • Darcy D

    The Science of
    Singing Better

    Darcy D

  • Hailey Benedict

    Get Your Voice
    Heard Online

    Hailey Benedict

Add essential techniqes

  • Lisa Witt

    Sing With

    Lisa Witt

  • Lisa Witt

    Hit The
    High Notes

    Lisa Witt

  • Julia Ziegler


    Julia Ziegler

  • Tony Lindsay & Lisa Witt

    How To Sing
    A Duet

    Tony Lindsay & Lisa Witt

  • Lisa Witt


    Lisa Witt

  • Lisa Witt

    Increase Your
    Vocal Range

    Lisa Witt

Songwriting & performance

  • Lisa Witt

    Starter Kit

    Lisa Witt

  • Cate Canning

    Start Writing

    Cate Canning

  • Tony Lindsay


    Tony Lindsay

  • Hailey Benedict

    For Singers

    Hailey Benedict

  • Darcy D

    How Your
    Voice Works

    Darcy D

  • Cate Canning

    How To Record
    Your Voice

    Cate Canning


Sing your favorite songs.

You’ll have all the tools you need to make sure you never miss a note.

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1000+ popular songs.

Get note-for-note song breakdowns for every style, era, and skill level.

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Find the perfect tempo.

Slow down any section of a song to hear the cadence and intricacies.

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Loop the hard parts.

Working on the chorus? Simply create a loop to sing it over and over!

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Personal feedback, anytime.

Share a video and you’ll get helpful feedback from our singing community.

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Take your songs anywhere.

Accessible on any device, or printable, so you can sing any song, any time.

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Any instrument, any time.
Powered by Musora, Singeo includes full access to our communities for drums, piano, and guitar.

Trusted by singers everywhere.

Rated 5 stars by Singeo students from around the world! See The Reviews »

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  • Orianna Sells testimonial
    It felt like the chains finally fell off my voice.

    Orianna Sells

    Read more

  • Jocelynn Rodrigues testimonial
    It’s so healing to sing.

    Jocelynn Rodrigues

    Read more

  • John Stevenson testimonial
    I have my first solo gig lined up!

    John Stevenson

    Read more

  • Damien Given testimonial
    I’m getting back some of my old confidence.

    Damien Given

    Read more

  • Kathy Mandell testimonial
    It was like, OH! That’s what my problem is.

    Kathy Mandell

    Read more

  • Jerry Bradley testimonial
    More comfortable with my own voice every day.

    Jerry Bradley

    Read more

  • Richard Bailey testimonial
    Like having your own singing coach.

    Richard Bailey

    Read more

  • Terri Pigg testimonial
    I sing all the time – at home, at the office, in the car, wherever!

    Terri Pigg

    Read more


Happy student guarantee.
Test-drive your lessons for 90 days. Zero risk.

Online lessons can be intimidating. Maybe you’re wondering if they work, or if you’ll use them enough – or if you’ll even enjoy the experience. So we’re removing the risk with our 90-day guarantee. More than anything, we want to make sure you have a POSITIVE experience developing new skills and gaining confidence to share your voice with the world.

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lessons today.
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Unlimited singing lessons.

Join a community of 78,229 students.

Lesson access for guitar, piano, and drums.

90-day money back guarantee.

You can add 1000+ popular songs
for just $40/year. Click Here.



Pay as you go.

Free for 7 days

Unlimited singing lessons.

Join a community of 78,229 students.

Lesson access for guitar, piano, and drums.

90-day money back guarantee.

You can add 1000+ popular songs
for just $40/year. Click Here.

All prices listed in USD.

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Available across web,
tablet, & mobile.

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