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Have you always wanted to learn how to sing but don’t know where to start?
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Our 10-level curriculum is designed to elevate you from a total beginner to a performer. Each lesson is crafted to build your confidence, improve your range, find your true natural voice, and teach you to sing like you’ve always wanted to.

Trusted by singers everywhere.

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  • Orianna Sells

    I started practicing my songs more meticulously and it paid off – stronger high notes were available and it felt like the chains finally fell off my voice!

    Orianna Sells

    South Carolina, USA

  • Richard Bailey

    Singeo is like having your own singing coach at your home, literally any time of the day or night. I enjoy singing so much more than I did before and it’s great fun.

    Richard Bailey

    New Jersey, USA

  • Kathy Mandell

    It was like, OH! THAT’S what my problem is! The teachers and students are so supportive, non-judgmental, and encouraging.

    Kathy Mandell

    South Carolina, USA

  • Damien Given

    I’ve received a great deal of positive feedback from my classmates - and great tips from Lisa, Julia, and the team. What a find, what a course, and what great tutors!

    Damien Given

    Northern Ireland

  • Jocelynn Rodrigues

    My voice feels stronger. Everyone can truly sing, and it’s so healing to sing. We were all born with this beautiful instrument and it’s just waiting to be played.

    Jocelynn Rodrigues


  • Terri Pigg

    Singeo’s given me a confidence boost. I sing all the time – at home, at the office, in the car, wherever. Singing just makes me happy!

    Terri Pigg

    Tennessee, USA







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Unlimited singing lessons.
Vocal coaches and support.
1000+ popular songs.

  • Trusted by 96,059 students.
  • Online singing lessons on every topic.
  • Personalized feedback from vocal coaches.
  • PLUS piano, guitar, and drum lessons with full access to all Musora communities.

Pay nothing for 7 days,
then $20/month billed annually.

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