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Everything You Need To Start Singing Now


Start your singing journey the right way with The Singing Starter Kit.

Get rid of all the guesswork and frustration as you follow along with 6 step-by-step lessons to discover your beautiful, unique voice.

Use “The Most Important Vocal Exercise” to warm up your voice, and unlock the “Singer’s Secret Weapon” that will instantly make you sound better.

Plus you’ll have support and feedback from real teachers to help you at every turn.

The hardest part of any journey is the first step…

Take yours with confidence thanks to our 90-day guarantee and start singing today.



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Welcome To The Singing Starter Kit!

Get ready to sing! These are your first steps towards confident singing! This video will tell you exactly what to expect and what you will need as you move forward through these lessons.


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3 MUST-KNOW Singing Basics!

Let’s make some noise. This video will uncover some simple, yet very impactful tips and exercises for singing. Even as a beginner, you will be gaining valuable knowledge that some seasoned singers don’t even know.


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Understanding Your Unique Voice!

One of the most valuable lessons you can understand and embrace as a singer, is that your voice is completely and utterly unique to YOU! This video will reveal your unique voice and why you should be excited to learn and understand the beauty of being “different”.


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The Most Important Vocal Exercise

This vocal exercise will have you giggling and feeling a bit ridiculous… which is good (laughing is healthy!). It’s also normal, and with some practice you will notice your voice getting stronger from this powerful exercise!


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Sing Songs Better!

SONGS! That’s the goal, right? We all want to sing songs! This video will show you the best way to approach singing your favorite songs… and maybe surprise your friends at the next karaoke night.


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Singer’s Secret Weapon!

This truly is a game-changer when it comes to singing. The singer’s secret weapon will change the way you look at singing forever! And it will also change the way you sing… for the better!


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Congratulations you’ve just successfully kickstarted your singing journey! This video will give you some helpful pointers for you to move forward as a singer and keep your voice in shape.

Meet Your Singing Teacher
Lisa Witt text

Lisa Witt has been teaching singing for over 16 years, and is arguably the happiest vocal coach on the planet! With a background in classical and contemporary vocal training combined with a deep love for popular music, Lisa focuses on guiding her students (that’s you!) to find their own, unique sound. Using simple routines, practical exercises, and tips for faster results, Lisa helps her students gain strength, control, and confidence in singing.

The voices of Singeo singers...

"I practice every day driving to work. I have learned things about my voice I never imagined I could do. I now take note of my breath before starting every song. I have more control, and sing consciously, instead of just opening my mouth and pushing out noise"

Diane Smith

Diane Smith

Burnley, England

"I was a singing teacher before I changed careers. I missed singing. Singeo absolutely provided the vocal exercises I needed to pull my voice back into shape. There's nothing else out there in a self-contained course that I can use when and where it suits my schedule. Great course. Well worth the money."

Susan French

Susan French

California, USA

"For the first time, I sang at church and it felt wonderful! Was I terrific? Probably not. Do I have to be? No! Did I sing balanced? Yes! Was I better than a month ago? Absolutely!!!! Did I hate my voice? For once…no! I have discovered that I don't have to be a professional to thoroughly ENJOY singing and have it enrich my life! I’m looking forward to many more “moments of wow” as my journey goes forward with Singeo!"



Indiana, USA

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Think you are the ONE person who actually CAN’T sing?

You love to sing, so sing! The Singing Starter Kit comes with a full 90-day money-back guarantee so you can try singing risk-free. We want you to see (and HEAR) the positive changes in your voice as you gain strength and control through guided practice.

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Everything You Need To Start Singing Now


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