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The Singeo Method is your step-by-step guide to discover, develop, and fall in love with your voice -- increasing your range, eliminating breaks and cracks, and helping you sing with confidence and control. 10 level singing curriculum
Vocal routines for any schedule
Ideal for new & aspiring singers

Sing Your Favorite Songs

The best part about developing your voice is putting it into action! You’ll get access to a library of popular songs with the vocal tracks removed + two key options so you can adjust the music to fit your range. 120+ songs
Adjust the key to fit your range
New songs will be added monthly

Guidance & Support

This isn’t another masterclass where you sign up with big dreams, but once you hit a rut you’re left on your own -- with nobody around to answer your questions. Our vocal coaches are always here to help. Live lessons & events every week
Real teachers to answer your questions
Connect with other aspiring singers

If you’ve ever said “I can’t sing”...
YES you can. (And we’ll prove it.)

We all have our favorite bands and performers -- and we’ve seen incredible singers everywhere.

And when you’re watching talent competitions on TV, or scrolling through social media, or catching a viral video on YouTube -- it might feel like EVERYBODY can sing.

Except for you.

If you’ve ever felt like that, we’re here to give your voice a second chance!

Because that’s the magical thing. Everybody can sing. Even you.

Like any instrument, your voice can make incredible sounds. And with the right routines and exercises, you’ll be able to sing the songs you love like you’ve always wished.

Campfire songs with family, karaoke with friends, lead vocals or background vocals with your band. Heck, even your speaking voice will have more clarity and control -- and you’ll finally be able to sing a soothing lullaby or belt out your favorite tunes in the shower and feel good about the performance.

Singing better isn’t reserved for people who were born with it, or for those with expensive vocal coaching -- it’s easily achievable if you spend a little bit of time to fine-tune your voice through simple routines, exercises, and guidance.

You can be a great singer.

And we’re here to help you strengthen your voice, extend your vocal range, give you breath control, train your ear, and hit all the notes -- so you can sing wherever you want, whenever you want, with confidence!

You’re currently equipped with everything you need to sing - a voice! The Singeo Method was designed to help you understand your voice, how it functions, how to strengthen it and develop the control you’ve always wanted to hit all the notes and sing along to your favorite songs with confidence.

(These lessons aren’t scary. You can practice anywhere and you’ll experience results, day after day.)

The path to singing for ANY  voice.

Quick routines to fit any schedule.

Start your day right or warm-up your voice for any occasion with our bite-sized routines -- ranging from 5 to 20 minutes -- perfect for the busy days when you just want to shake things up a bit.


Sing your favorite songs.

Sing along to 120+ popular songs with built-in practice tools -- so you can karaoke anywhere, anytime.

Ed Sheeran Perfect

Leonard Cohen Hallelujah

Vance joy Riptide

Taylor Swift Love Story

Anna Nalick Breathe

The Animals House Of The Rising Sun

Whitney Houston I Will Always Love You

Chris Stapleton Tennessee Whiskey

Rihanna Stay

Dixie Chicks Landslide

Ed Sheeran Photograph

Frank Sinatra Fly Me To The Moon

Bryan Adams Everything I Do

Adele Rolling In The Deep

Adele Someone Like You

Beatles I Want To Hold Your Hand

Righteous Brothers Unchained Melody

Elton John Your Song

Alicia Keys Fallin

Elvis Can't Help Falling In Love

Alicia Keys No One

Bruno Mars Just The Way You Are

Sinead O Connor Nothing Compares 2 U

Journey Don't Stop Believin

John Lennon Imagine

Judy Garland Over The Rainbow

Beatles Let It Be

Guns & Roses Sweet Child O MIne

Bruce Springsteen Dancing In The Dark

Lewis Capaldi Someone You Loved

Abba Dancing Queen

Carrie Underwood Before He Cheats

Carrie Underwood Jesus Take the Wheel

Joan Jett I Love Rock N Roll

Kings Of Leon Use Somebody

Matchbox Twenty Unwell

Sara Bareilles She Used To Be Mine

Sara Bareilles Brave

Radiohead Creep

Eagles Hotel California

Eagles Desperado

Oasis Wonderwall

Olivia Rodrigo Drivers License

Get personal guidance
and support.

Engage With Your Coaches

This isn't a video game. Your coaches are REAL teachers who you can engage with on and off the screen. You'll never be alone.

Weekly Live Lessons

Tune in to live lessons and live Q&A sessions with your coaches every week. Submit a video of your singing to get personal feedback during a live session.

Your Questions Answered

Questions are good! They help you to learn properly and progress faster! We love hearing from you so reach out through live Q&As, instant chat, or email.

Meet your friendly
vocal coaches.


Teaching For 18 Years
Darcy represents the lower register in Singeo lessons and routines. Darcy has worked in various areas of the music industry for over 30 years, but first and foremost, Darcy is a singer and educator who has made the study of voice a focal point since 2005. He is also our resident rockstar having shared gold record success performing with Juno award-winning recording artists, Prism.


Teaching For 13 Years
Lisa is our lead voice at Singeo and arguably the happiest music teacher on the planet! With a background in classical and contemporary vocal training combined with a deep love for popular music, Lisa focuses on guiding her students to find their own, unique sound. Using simple routines, practical exercises, and tips for faster results, Lisa helps her students gain strength, control, and confidence in singing.

Singing lessons have never
been more accessible.

Accessible on the devices you use every day, with real teachers just clicks away.



Live Lessons
& Support


Can online lessons work without you hearing my voice?

Remember when you’d physically browse a Blockbuster to choose a movie? The internet has changed everything -- and just like Netflix and YouTube improved entertainment, online learning is designed to be the most accessible & affordable way for you to achieve the skills you want -- so you can practice at home, anytime with world-class teachers, and be surrounded with a supportive community that’ll keep you accountable every step of the way.

Practice Anywhere

Comfort brings confidence. You’ll start on your singing progress right away -- and always practice at the right time and place that fits your lifestyle.

Save Time & Money

Private vocal lessons cost between $40-60 per hour. Online lessons cost much less and let you move at your own pace -- no rush-hour drive required.

Feel The Love

Hang out during live video events, ask questions in the online forums, and get personalized reviews. You’ll always be surrounded with a community that cares.

Say hello to your
unfair advantage.

(And no, it won't cost you $1200 every year)

Private Lessons
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Sing Your Favorite Songs
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Learn From Home, Anytime
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Supportive Community
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Meet Musora.

Musora Media has provided world-class music education to millions of students around the globe for the past 15 years. Singeo is the newest addition, operating out of the same high-end studios using the same lesson format that has created, inspired, and educated musicians all over the world.

You love to sing, so sing! We guarantee that you will hear and feel the results within your first few months at Singeo. We want your first 90 days with Singeo to show you how applying daily practice within a supportive community can provide incredible results! Our program is ongoing, and consistently growing with new content and fun lessons to last a lifetime, so we are happy to offer a full 90-day money back guarantee.
  • Learn and love your own, unique voice
  • Sing along (with confidence) with songs that you love!
  • Get support from real teachers every step of the way.

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Step-by-step singing lessons, warm-up routines, karaoke songs, and ongoing support from real teachers.



Do-Re-Mi Tumbler

Do-Re-Mi Tumbler
Stay hydrated while practicing your scales both at home or on the go with the Singeo insulated tumbler.

$29 FREE
Free Shipping


Rockstar Mug

Rockstar Mug
Protect what’s most important to you as a singer! Sip your singer’s tea in style with this super rad mug!

$12 FREE
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Vowel Practice Poster

Vowel Practice Poster
Your new favorite practice tool - and your ticket hitting higher notes with ease and confidence.

$12 FREE
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Singing Starter Kit
The “must-know” singing basics that every singer needs to keep their voice strong and healthy.

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