How to stop sounding nasal.

Lisa Witt  /  UPDATED Jun 16, 2023

If you don’t love the sound of your voice, it may be that you are stuck in your nose.

But I have great news… This is a really easy problem to solve. Today, I’m back with some easy tips and tricks that will help you stop singing nasally and have you sounding amazing in no time.

Now, a quick disclaimer: having some resonance or sound in your nose is not necessarily bad. But it’s when you start sounding like Janice from “Friends” that we want to take the sound out of your nose.

But first things first.

We’ll have to understand what it feels like and what it means to be in our noses. The fastest way to find out is to sing the word ‘HUNG’ and maintain the sound at the end.

If you plug your nose, you’ll find it impossible to make this sound. Your ears will probably pop, and it’ll feel like you’re stuck. Because that sound needs your nose to be created.

So… let’s prepare ourselves to make terrible sounds for a minute and just practice. Give it a try.

If you have pets and they don’t seem concerned yet, let’s move to the next terrible sound. Sing ‘UH’ (as in the word “duh”) and maintain it, keeping your mouth as closed as possible. After a couple of seconds, let your jaw fall, transforming the sound into a wider ‘AH.’

Pay attention to how the sound feels.

Now plug your nose again and keep going. Notice how the sound completely travels out of your nose. And just like that… you did it. You’re completely out of your nose!!

Wow, congratulations, friend!

But there’s a little more. You’ve learned what it feels like to get out of your nose. Now we need to apply that to singing.

Sing a line from a song. It doesn’t matter which. First, do it like you normally do, then try it plugging your nose. If you’re singing nasally, it’ll be obvious.

Do keep in mind that you use your nose to pronounce ‘M’ and ‘N.’ So that is normal.

Doing the same thing we did before, lower your jaw a little bit more. Focusing on the vowels and giving the sound enough space. You’ll hear an instant shift.

You know what it feels like when the sound is trapped in your nose now. So you can continue testing by holding one nostril closed with your finger.

Give it a go.

Now, if you still don’t feel like you’ve completely solved the problem, I have one more trick up my sleeve for you.

I want you to fill up your cheeks with air as if you’re blowing birthday candles and sing the melody, letting air come out slowly. It should feel like a lot of effort. Keep your cheeks inflated, and make sure you’re doing it right by holding your hand in front of your face. You should be able to feel the air coming out of your mouth.

After practicing a few times, go back to singing normally. It’ll sound so much better. 

Because your voice has much more support, and the sound has the space it needs to come out of your mouth instead of getting stuck in your nose. 

Again, remember that some resonance in your nose is normal and good. But if you use these techniques when you’re practicing, you’ll be able to help your voice sound instantly better.

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