How To Sing Fast (The Speed Challenge)

Lisa Witt  /  Feb 25, 2022

Why sing fast?


That’s what it’s all about. Learning how to sing fast will allow you to sing more advanced vocal runs, and you’ll be in total control.

And that is an amazing feeling.

But before we get into the exercise that’s going to help you boost your speed, there’s one VERY important thing you need to know…

You have to start slow!

I’m serious. Like learning pretty much any instrument, the key to building speed is starting slow and making sure you’re being accurate.

If you try to sing fast too soon and you’re not accurate, all you’ll be doing is practicing your mistakes!

So make sure you focus on pitch accuracy first, and then gradually increase your speed. So…

How do you do it?

The Singer Speed Challenge

This exercise is a fantastic way to start singing vocal runs and boosting your overall singing speed.

You’ll do it by working your way up a five-finger scale going back and forth. To begin, we’ll focus on working up the scale using a “BOU” sound (as in “book”).

Adding a consonant to the vowel sound will help you “latch” on to the sound and make it easier to move up and down the scale.

Your Pitch Needs To Be Correct!

The key is to focus on the pitch and making sure you’re hitting the right notes.

If pitch is a challenge for you, that’s ok! You can improve it. We have a fantastic lesson just for that.

Click on the lesson to the right to work on your pitch!

Hit the right notes.

Take your time as this can take a while. If “BOU” is not a good sound for you, you could try others, like “MUM”, or “FOO”.

Start singing vocal runs.

Only once you can hit all the notes accurately should you try to increase your speed.

You can also start incorporating these runs into songs. For more on that, check out the lesson to the left.

How To Get Faster

Once you can do the entire exercise up and down the scale, it’s time to work on boosting your tempo. A metronome is really useful for this. There are loads of free metronome apps out there.

Or, if you’re a Singeo Member, you can actually follow along to the practice exercise that accompanies this lesson.

You can adjust the tempo, and also the pitch if you have a lower voice (looking at you male singers!).

If you’d like to see what that’s like, you can try Singeo FREE for 7 days by clicking here.

Good luck with the Speed Challenge, and happy singing!