From Elton and Kiki to John and Olivia, duets can be so much fun… but can also be quite challenging.

Tony Lindsay, former lead vocalist of Santana, and Lisa come together to teach you how to sing a duet and a few easy tricks to instantly sound better with your partner.

What is the song about?

Regardless of the genre, at their core, duets are a conversation between two people. So the best place to start is to ask yourself what this conversation is about. What are the singers telling each other? What is the relationship between them? Are they in love? Are they heartbroken?

Once you know the emotions you need to convey in your performance, try giving it a go. Make sure you’re embracing your character as you sing.

When Tony and Lisa get going, you can see them feeding into each other. Even Tony noticed it:

“See… we get into each other, and we help each other.”

Paying attention to your duet partner and reading their body language also has other benefits. Looking at their mouth and posture is an easy way to match each other’s intensity, volume and breathing. This will result in both your voices blending more cohesively.

Practice, practice, practice.

Preparation can be your best friend when it comes to singing a duet. Knowing the song inside out, and knowing your partner’s parts, as well as your own, helps both singers support each other. Maybe a particular part of the song is too high for you. Or maybe your partner’s running out of breath on another part. 

Performing the song repeatedly allows you two to learn how to modify the performance and compliment each other’s voices and singing, rather than one voice overpowering the other.

Finally, once you’ve practiced the duet and know your parts instinctively, you can start playing with style. Just like Lisa and Tony, try changing the song’s style or timing until you find a sound you fall in love with.

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