Just by their first names, you know them.

Whitney, Barbra, Carole, Aretha.

These women are some of the BEST vocalists that have ever lived. And today, we have a treat for you. 

Because we’ve invited GRAMMY-nominated superstar, Sheléa, into the Singeo studios to tell us all about her top inspirations.

Introducing Sheléa

She really doesn’t need one! But Sheléa is an incredible talent. She’s been nominated for a GRAMMY (did I mention that already), and has performed on some of the biggest stages.

Sheléa performing at the White House
Sheléa performing with David Foster

Sheléa is mentored by Stevie Wonder, and toured with him in 2014 and 2015.

She also held a residency at Quincy Jones’ jazz lounge in Dubai.

And Sheléa is more than just an incredible singer. She’s an amazing pianist and actor as well.

Just listen to her medley of Whitney Houston covers:

Sheléa’s tribute to Whitney Houston

It’s all about truth

As you watch Sheléa speak and sing her top influences, you’ll hear her talk about what makes them so special.

They told the truth.

So what does that mean? It means they know their voices so intimately that they can focus on connecting with the story of the song. And those stories are honest.

They lived them.

Finding your truth means being so comfortable with your own voice that you can move beyond the technicalities of singing, and step into the world of storytelling.

And Sheléa is a master at that.

If you’d like to learn from her, you can try Singeo free and take her course on “How To Find Your True Voice”.

Happy singing!