Are You A Good Singer? (What The Great Singers Have In Common)

Lisa Witt  /  Mar 11, 2022

Am I a good singer?

We’ve ALL asked ourselves that question at some time. Maybe even multiple times. Maybe every time!

But what does it mean to be a good singer?

What do those great singers do that make them great? Is it range? Tone? Timbre?

Grammy-nominated star Sheléa is here to break down what makes a truly great singer, and what YOU can start doing right now to become great.

But first…

Who are the great singers?

This is (and always will be) a very subjective thing. So if you don’t agree with Sheléa, that’s fine. But here is her list of great singers. Take some time to listen to each one:

Luther Vandross
Stevie Wonder
Barbra Streisand
Whitney Houston

It’s more than just technique…

Yes, technique is important. If you don’t know the basics of how to use your voice, you’ll never reach a level of greatness. And of course, if you’d like to learn those basics, you can try Singeo free for 7 days.

But greatness goes beyond technique.

According to Sheléa, these singers are great because they make you believe their story. They make you feel something.

And each one is different.

Luther doesn’t sound like Stevie, and neither of them sounds like Barbra. And nobody sounds like Whitney (although Sheléa is pretty darn close!)

Great singing is about telling a true story. You need the ability to do it, but it goes beyond ability to something much deeper…

Connecting with the lyrics of the song and expressing them truthfully.

“Just because you can hit a note doesn’t mean you should”


Great singers don’t let their vocal acrobatics get in the way of the song. So…

What can you learn from these great singers?

How can you be great?

According to Sheléa, it’s important that you understand your voice. You need to know how it works and where it sits on the register. You need to find the space where your voice is comfortable and can create those magical moments.

That takes training. If you’d like to learn from Sheléa herself, you can with Singeo.

Beyond the basics of vocal training though, being great means understanding what you’re singing about.

What are the lyrics to the song?

What do they mean to you?

How can you express that to your audience in a way that tells your story?

That’s what makes a great singer.

“People will forget the bad notes, the missed lyrics, if they felt the truth in your vocal performance”


You can be great

This is the best news of all. Everyone has a voice, and everyone has a story. You don’t need to sound like Whitney Houston to be a good (or great) singer.

You have it in you.

If you’d like to explore that, then we’d love to help you. Try Singeo FREE for 7 days and take Sheléa’s course to find your voice.

Happy singing!

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