This week we weren’t planning on filming any videos. So I was just a happy camper, enjoying a very rare not-so-busy afternoon. 

But, of course, Billie Eilish had other plans for me. Last week, she released her new song, “The 30th,” and only 10 seconds after listening to it, I realized we HAD to make a video about it.

So we got the video team into the studio for a quick, impromptu reaction video.

What an incredible performance. Billie is just so excellent at marrying style and emotion when she sings.

The most interesting aspect of this song – I think – is how she displays her talent by leaning into style, not range.

There are no crazy-high notes. She’s not trying to be Christina Aguilera or Mariah Carey. In the song’s most emotional moment, Billie shocks us with a demonstration of her breath and vocal control – not a belt or riff.

Her biggest strength is the nuance with which she sings. This song is the perfect example of how you can use less to achieve more. – To the point that the instrumentation literally stop so you can focus ONLY on her voice.

And you know what the best part is? The technique she’s using is achievable for most, if not all, voices. 

Join me as I break down her technique and how you can use it to instantly deliver a powerfully emotional performance.

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