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“I don’t sing because I’m happy. I’m happy because I sing” - William James For some, singing isn’t just a hobby - it’s a true passion. If you’re one of those people, we want to invite you to make a lifelong commitment to your singing.

For only a limited time, Singeo Lifetime Memberships are back!

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Singeo has helped THOUSANDS of students find the singing voice they’ve always wanted. And now, they all connect and share inside the best online singing community.

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Do NOT record yourself singing on your phone!

So many students reach out, discouraged by never hearing an actual improvement in their voice. They do the right exercises and get the support, but when they record themselves and listen back to it, it sounds just… bad.

Turns out the majority of them used their phone to record themselves.

Phones are far from the optimal vocal improvement tool. They pick up the ambience, static, cars driving by your house, the neighbor’s kids playing in the background. Basically, everything but the nuances in your voice.

We want you to have ALL the tools you need to continue making vocal improvements and finally take your singing skills to the next level.

So you’ll be getting a complete professional home recording studio kit with your lifetime membership… for FREE.

This Vocal Studio Kit includes every bit of gear you need to dive into home recording and live streaming with professional studio quality.

In fact, not only will you get this $399 professional kit for free with your lifetime membership, but it’s exclusive for you. This product is not available on our store, so only you and a few others will have a chance to get it.

Condenser studio microphone with USB interface
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Desktop microphone stand
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Nylon screen professional
pop filter
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Professional Hi-End stereo headphones
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Chat and sing with Lisa… LIVE!

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We’ve never done this before.

As an exclusive bonus for Lifetime Members, you’ll be invited to join a special LIVE call with Lisa Witt, your personal vocal coach. You’ll hang out with her, sing, and ask her all the burning questions you can think of in real time.

More intimate than ANY of our Bootcamps, Live Q&As or Livestreams. You’ll be able to chat face-to-face (virtually) with a small, select group.

This live event will ONLY be available to you and you fellow Lifetime Members.

We’ll pick dates and times that will accommodate almost all timezones, and the replay will be available on-demand anytime you want to watch it again.

We’ll announce the dates and time on January 6th.

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CM14USB microphone, Condenser, Hi-End Stereo Headphones, Desktop Mic Stand, and Pop Filter.

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You’ll be invited to join a special LIVE call with Lisa Witt, your personal vocal coach.

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Your new favorite practice tool - and your ticket hitting higher notes with ease and confidence.

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Finally, hear your voice how it actually sounds in your head. And have the tools you need to have the singing skills you’ve always wanted.